Registration Times and Locations


Dublin, Friday, 24th May 2018 from 12pm – 7pm

at One4all Offices, Unit 2 Swords Business Park, Swords, Co Dublin

What to bring to registration

Day Bag

Your day bag will be brought in a support van and you will have access to it during the cycle (whereas your weekend bag will be sent straight to the hotel and you will not see it again until you get there).

Sponsorship Money

Money raised online is transferred directly to the Haven Foundation account, however if you have collected any cash, this is the time to drop it off. Any cheques should be addressed to the Haven Foundation.

Bike (Optional)

If you want to drop off your bike at registration the night before, you can and it will be transported to the starting point for you. Alternatively you can transport it to the starting point yourself.

At registration you will also receive your registration pack including Cycling jersey, hoodie, water bottle and official number for the event and fill in a short form for the Red Cross & Cycling Ireland

Raffle Ticket Stubs

Your bag should include

Small towel

Just in case you get sweaty

Spare socks

Just in case you lose one pair

Rain gear

It’s Ireland, it will probably rain

Spare clothes

Just in case you get wet


It will keep your hands warm

Spare tubes

Bring two, specific for your bike

Saturday 25th May 2018

Arrive on Saturday equipped with the following

dublin starting point

Overnight bag (which will go straight to your hotel in Galway)

Bike (if you have dropped your bike at registration the night before it will be there for you)

Helmet, if you do not have a helmet you will not be allowed cycle, this is for your safety.

Cycling shorts

Jersey (which you will have collected at registration)

Light Rain Jacket

Water Bottle on bike (bottle will be supplied at registration).

Saturday Schedule

*Please note that all times given are just a guide and may vary due to weather and cycling conditions.

Leg 1 – Dublin Starting Point

Barnhall Rugby Club – Lexlip

The Peloton (group of cyclists) along with repair, catering, safety and first aid support units all travel together with Garda assistance at an average speed of 25k per hr. Fully stocked pitstops approximately every 50KM

All Cyclists to be at Barnhall Rugby Club by 6.15am. Departure time is @ 6.30am

Safety briefing will take place

Peloton will depart at 6.30am sharp

Peloton will stop for lunch in Athlone Gaa Club @ 11.20am

Leg 2 – Athlone Starting Point

Athlone Gaa Club

The Peloton (group of cyclists) along with repair, catering, safety and first aid support units all travel together with Garda assistance at an average speed of 22k per hr. Fully stocked pitstops approximately every 30KM

Peloton will depart for Galway from Athlone Gaa Club @ 12.00 (free parking available for the weekend)

Peloton will arrive into Eyre Square Galway @ 5.30pm

Bus to Hotels @ 6.00pm

Bus to Gala Dinner/Awards location @ 7.30pm

Gala Dinner/Awards @ 7.45pm

Sunday 26th May 2018

Sunday Schedule

Coaches for Dublin & Athlone depart from hotels, Bikes are transported by trucks

Approx 13:00
Coaches arrive back at Athlone Gaa Club

Approx 14:30
Coaches arrive back at Barnhall Rugby Club, Lexlip

Approx 15:00
Coaches and bikes arrive back at One4all, Swords

Dublin Bike Collection

Approx 15:00
Collect Bike from One4all Head office, Swords. If you cannot collect your bike on Sunday, collection is available during working hours the following week.

Check your gear today!

The best way to ensure you have a great weekend is to have a safe bike, wear a helmet and ride safely on the road. The following items should be checked on your bike now and NOT the morning of the cycle:


Check for nicks and weakness likely to cause puncture and ensure they are pumped to correct pressure. If in doubt please ask.


It could even be worth investing in new brake blocks (€10)


Brake and Gear cables


Oiled and running smoothly


Check that they are not jumping or causing chain to slip off

Water bottle cage

Get one if you don’t have one.


Ensure they are straight and tight


Have you got the height checked for you?

It may be best for your local bike shop to help you with the above.