Compulsory Kit List for Cyclists


Light Rain Jacket


2 Spare Tubes

Spare Socks

Cycling Shorts

Rain Trousers

Water Bottle (on bike)


Change of Clothes

Remember to pack your spare cycling gear, spare tubes and rain clothes in small bag separate to your weekend bag. The cycling bag will be brought in a support van and you will have access to it during the cycle (whereas your weekend bag will be brought on the collectors’ bus).

***NB. If you don’t have a Helmet you will not be allowed to cycle.

With regard to buying clothes specifically for the cycle, a helmet and cycling shorts are needed. Leggings for warmth are good also; you can make do with tracksuit bottoms although they can be more uncomfortable if they get wet. You do not need to buy a cycling jersey as you will be provided a commemorative Cycle4haiti jersey at registration the Friday evening before the event. You do not need to buy an expensive breathable rain jacket, any light rain jacket that you already have will suffice; it should be small enough that you can stuff it in a back pocket if you are too warm. Warm gloves are essential for winter cycling – again if you don’t have specific sports ones wear any that you have already. Feel free to bring any Energy gels and bars that you want and keep them on you for the cycle. We will be providing water and sports drinks at the stops.


Check Now

The most important piece of equipment you have is yourself so look after it.  The best way to ensure this is that you have a safe bike, wear a helmet and ride safely on the road. The following items should be checked on your bike as soon as you can and NOT the morning of the cycle:

  • Brakes – No harm in investing in new brake blocks (~€10)
  • Cables – Brake and Gear cables
  • Tyres – Check for nicks and weakness likely to cause puncture
  • Chain – Oiled and running smoothly
  • Gears – Check that are not jumping or causing chain to slip off
  • Bars – Ensure they are straight and tight
  • Water-bottle cage – Get one if you don’t have one.
  • Saddle – Have you got the height checked for you?

It may be best for your local bike shop to help you with the above.