The Cause

What caused us to get involved and help out raise money for Haiti.


Haven is an Irish non-governmental organisation (NGO), strongly committed to empowering the people of Haiti to build strong, sustainable livelihoods and communities.

Launched in 2008, the foundation works solely in Haiti, focusing on three core development areas: water and sanitation, training and education, and shelter.  These long-term, sustainable development programmes and training courses promote improved health, create employment and enterprise, strengthen education, and eradicate poverty.

In January 2016, Haven assumed the management and administration of Soul of Haiti in January 2016.

Soul of Haiti

Established in 2007 by a group of Ernst and Young (EY) Entrepreneur of the Year finalists, Soul of Haiti was an Irish non-profit organisation, focused on empowering communities in Haiti through social entrepreneurship.

Haven and Soul of Haiti regularly supported and collaborated on one another’s projects.  This development saw all of Soul of Haiti’s team and projects on the ground transfer to Haven.  By coming together, reducing costs and pooling resources, the strength of their impact in Haiti has grown, directly benefiting the people and communities they support.

For more information about the foundation, please visit the Haven website.

Haven's vision is to build thriving communities which prosper independently: every day, we are moving closer to making that the reality.

Hurricane Matthew

Arriving on 4th October 2016, Hurricane Matthew was the most powerful hurricane to strike Haiti in over fifty years.  Bringing 230km/h winds and torrential rain, it devastated what already stood as one of the poorest countries in the world.

More than 1.4 million people were left in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

In the weeks after the hurricane, Haven distributed 500,000 meals; 60,000 water-purifying tablets; 40,000 sachets of water; and 1,100 tarpaulins.

Where is our funding going to.

To date the Cycle4Haiti has raised over €500,000 for the Soul of Haiti Foundation & Haven and is the single largest fundraising event for the Foundation. Expenditure of these funds initially centred around our emergency response in Port au Prince funding medical equipment for hospitals in the capital. Fund are now mainly focused on our humanitarian projects in the South of Haiti, namely the orphanage on the island of Ile a Vache and the fishing village of Abacou.

Ile a Vache

Ile a Vache Orphanage is run by a French Franciscan Nun, Sr Flora and is home to over 70 children, a third of whom are disabled. Soul of Haiti has been working with the orphanage since 2007 to improve the living conditions for the children and the working conditions for the staff. With the money raised from the Cycle4Haiti, Soul of Haiti has been able to re-roof the entire orphanage and provide medical and other supplies to assist with the care of the children.

Soul of Haiti has also funded the fitting of a new kitchen and has extended the orphanage facilities so it is better able to care for all the children. The orphanage now has a bed for each child, running water and proper toilet facilities. Soul of Haiti has also built a playground for the kids.


Abacou is a small fishing village that we have been supporting since 2007 by assisting the local fishermen to develop trade opportunities in the community. Soul of Haiti have provided the fishermen with new boats and safety equipment and have also built an enterprise centre for the village which included the installation of the solar powered refrigeration units to help improve enterprise in the area.

Funds from the Cycle4Haiti have been used to support the local school in Abacou and to buy school supplies and books for the children. Soul of Haiti will also be supporting the refurbishment of the school building including re-roofing, knocking and rebuilding a number of walls which are hazardous, building toilets and providing training courses for school leavers who want to learn a trade