Frequently asked questions

How much sponsorship do I need to raise?

We request ALL cyclists to raise a total of €365 in sponsorship. This covers all your accommodation, lunch and dinner for the Saturday night and all food and soft drink refreshments over the course of the cycle for the two days. It also includes your Cycling Jersey, Hoodie and Water Bottle.

Do I need to train?


Yes, training and preparing for the Cycle is advised. You should train twice a week and build up your distances in the months beforehand. We run training cycles every weekend in the run up to the cycle so please check out the website for details of these and come join us.

What equipment is necessary?

Cycle shorts are a must (for obvious reasons) and a helmet is essential. We recommend Road Bikes to be used for the cycle however hybrid bikes are also suitable.  Mountain Bikes are NOT suitable for this cycle unless you are an experienced cyclist.

How long is the cycle?


The cycle takes place over one day. Those cycling from Dublin start at around 6am. Those cycling from Atholne start around midday.  The entire group then cycles to Galway, arriving at around 5pm.

How do I register for the cycle?

You can register for Cycle4haiti online at For any questions on the cycle please email Dean at or call on 087 9776123


How do I deal with punctures/repairs?

There are two fully equipped vans as repair units that follow behind the cyclists. If you have a puncture all you have to do is pull in to the side of the road and they will fix the puncture.

What about food/drink throughout the day?

Cycle4haiti will provide refreshments along the route at designated stops. There is also an official lunch stop after roughly 60km. The lunch stop is 30min.

Do I have to pay for a hotel stay?

No, all accommodation and dinner are provided free of charge. We look after your hotel stay, so you don’t have to look for a place to stay.


Do I need insurance?


No, when you sign up to Cycle4haiti you are automatically signed up to a one day cycling insurance to cover you for the duration of the cycle.

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